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Loving Neko Boys
Current Residence: Neko Kingdom
Favourite cartoon character: Any with Neko ears!
:s::p::e::c::i::a::l: .. :n::o::t::e: :
Sakki: :boogie:
Asham: What are you doing?
Sakki: ... :boogie:
Asham: No, really. What are you doing?
Sakki: ... ... :boogie:
Sakki: :O_o: Oh...I call it the...welcome to the neko-boys dance.
Sakki & Asham: :boogie::boogie:

:m::i::s::c: .. :m::e::s::s::a::g::e::s: :
Asham: Welcome one and all to the Neko boy fan club! If you love Neko-Boys, you've come to the right place.
Sakki: We (the founders) are :iconasham: and :iconsakki-chan: ! Even though I personally don't draw, I'm here to help everything along.
Asham: I draw! I draw!
Sakki: Yes yes, Asham-sama draws (and neko boys no less :heart: )
Sakki: Ok if you are interested in joining, please just send us a message or leave a comment telling us you want to be added! Watch us and then add this little avatar to your DeviantPage!
Asham: Woot new avatar!
Sakki: Well have fun! Please drop by!
Asham: Join! You know you want to! :D

:n::e::w::s: .. :a::n::d: .. :u::p::d::a::t::e::s: :
Sakki: The competition is over!
Asham: Pity we only got two entries; but they were AWESOME, AWESOME entries.
Sakki: That they were :XD:
Asham: We'd like to thank everyone who entered, voted or commented. Lots of support. Much love.
Sakki: And we'd also like to congratulation AngelicVampire on winning the competition! You have a won a kiriban from Asham !
Asham: :) Pick anything, anything at all.
Sakki: *grumbles* I want a kiriban...
Asham: :petting:

:c::o::m::p::e::t::i::t::i::o::n::s: :
The new competition is now closed! (Starting Date: 28th MAY.2005 )
Your task was to design Kahne (Neko Mascot Boy) a battle costume! It could have anything you liked in it so long as it's was for battle! :D
(Closeing Date: 2nd JULY.2005)

The winner was :iconangelicvampire: who drew Khane the most awesome costume really really.
Everyone else who entered (who this time was only 1 indevidual) was however also very awesome. :nod:
So we're leaving up the entries list for the moment. Everyone have a gander! :w00t:

:e::n::t::r::i::e::s:… - by :iconangelicvampire: (1st Place)… - by :iconzed-sama:


:m::e::m::b::e::r::s: :
:iconthe-vampire-danchan: :iconreitsukiyono: :iconanuvia: :iconmi-chan7: :iconzed-sama: :iconnekokat: :iconnasheira: :icontourniquet-kitten: :iconvilhelmina: :iconshawa: :iconcrisy: :iconfarfie-chan: :iconsummeravalon: :icongreen-leaf: :iconxena-minos: :iconadvancedflea: :iconmikhaels-love: :iconilovecloudffvii: :iconbatstarstudio: :iconailtaylor: :iconvippy: :icongenkishuichi: :iconsilversporks: :iconfuzballkoneko: :iconkiminess: :iconkashiita: :iconwreathed-delirium: :iconneekko: :iconxuncu: :iconangelicvampire: :iconmikotona: :iconcrimsonlegacy: :iconluciferslilkitty: :iconshinjaruto: :iconshadowtigerwolf: :iconmidnightbluekitten: :icontalnaqib: :icontearoomengland: :iconscyne: :iconmao-of-the-night: :iconmonochromedream: :iconnuvandibe: :iconsleepyoldvamp: :iconbritno: :iconurocyon-fox: :iconazugi: :iconssjvash: :iconjamiesama: :iconjrsgirlforever: :iconaoyagi-ritsuka: :iconharumi: :iconahonkofrainbows: :iconnaousuke: :iconpinoyneko:

:a::f::f::i::l::i::a::t::i::o::n::s: : (None so Far)

Founded by :iconasham: and :iconsakki-chan:

Neko-Boys Club - :heart:'Love us, Fear us, For we are Neko-Boys':heart:

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xXOtakuFandomXx Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I MUST JOIN!!! Kate's x3 (I draw neko boys all the time, but I don't have anyway of transferring them online... you know... since its on paper...Sad Note-kitty... but I have a story on here... if that counts for anything...)
shonenrek Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
I want to join! I saw this page the other night but my keyboard wasn't working!! Gr! But I want to join!
savgal2 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
omigawd yes. now if only i could upload a good picture on my neko boys..
Ikuei Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010
agarc24 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2010   Writer
I want to join!
chiisai-chan Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009
I want to join! Tell me how! PLEASE!!!
NekoBoyUke Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
OMG OMG I WANNA JOIN!!! *spazzes too much and dies* Neko Obessssssssssssion X.X XD plz add me ill SO watch the neko-boy-club XwX
azarius-zath Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2007
Nice Gallery!

it's so Cool!!

gaydads Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
hello. i am gay and would love to join your club.
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